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rantham Welding Limited have been established for over a quarter of a century and have a proud reputation for excelling in bespoke engineering and fabrication work. With a broad customer base including world-class companies like Aston Martin, BMW and Land Rover, Grantham Welding offers a wide range of products at exceptionally competitive prices.


onsisting of a dedicated team of professional engineers, fabricators and welders, we promise all our customers the highest level of service and dedication at all times. We also promise any potential new customers that their enquiries we will be dealt with in the swiftest and most professional manner.


n 2007, in the wake of new UK legislation to ban smoking in all public places, Grantham Welding Limited diversified into the field of bespoke smoking shelter fabrication. Having already served dozens of satisifed customers throughout the West Midlands area and the rest of the UK, we aim to provide the best value for money possible and always welcome our customers feedback.